Download the latest Service Packs for the LX consoles from this location.

These service packs include all software updates for the LX consoles in one package.
The downloaded file can be used to update an LX300, LX600 or LX900 console.

Before carrying out an update:a) Don't attempt an update if your show is about to start. We do expect the process to go normally and without issue but computers don't always play this game. Assume the worst that something will go wrong and that it may take a few hours (or more) to get sorted out. This will make sure you (and we) are not under extreme stress.
b) Do make sure that you have taken a backup of your show before commencing your upgrade.

To install a Service Pack onto a console:

1) Download the latest Service Pack file.

2) Create a folder titled LSC on a formatted USB stick.

3) Copy the Service Pack file into this folder.

4) Turn on the console and wait for it to start up.

5) Insert the USB and wait for the console to prompt you to install the update.

6) Follow the on-screen instructions.

7) Shut down and re-start the console.

8) View the about box to confirm that the console is running the loaded Service Pack.

If you have problems, contact your local LSC agent or LSC directly.


This folder contains previous versions of Clarity LX service packs


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Fixture Library Update for Clarity LX consoles


Submitted On:
16 Mar 2020
File Size:
113 MB
File Version:

LX console hard disc rescue tool


Submitted On:
16 Nov 2015
File Size:
2.21 GB
File Version:

(SPECIAL) - Legacy Fixture Library Update for Clarity


Submitted On:
22 Feb 2018
File Size:
80.3 MB
File Version:

Clarity LX Consoles Service Pack 25


Submitted On:
15 Jul 2019
File Size:
154 MB
File Version:
v2.5.1 (r6715)


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