Clarity Fixture Templates

Welcome to the Clarity Fixture Template download page!

Fixture Templates for Clarity are provided by Carallon - a UK based specialist company producing Fixture Templates for a wide variety of manufacturers. The Carallon library is updated about once every quarter.

In between Carallon library releases, interim templates will be made available. These templates are listed below but have not yet been subjected to the rigorous testing that Carallon undertakes on its library templates. Nevertheless they should perform adequately.

Once a new fixture has been added to the Clarity Library, it will be removed from the list below.

Before you submit a request for a template, please insure that you have downloaded and installed the latest Clarity library. After having done this you discover that the fixture you are looking for is still not in the library, then please check to see if it is listed below.

If it is not listed below then please fill in our request form and we will put it in our priority list. Alternatively, you may wish to write your own fixture template. LSC has produced a document to assist you in template development.


Interim Clarity Template List

No interim templates available at this time.



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