Clarity Template Request Form


Template requests are only available to customers that have purchased the software - that is you must be in possession of a dongle.

The standard turnaround time for a template is 3 weeks after we have received all the required information.

Please enter the details of the profile you would like a fixture template for in the form below. Fields with an (*) are required. An email will be sent to the address you enter below when the completed template is added to the site.
Manufacturer: (*)
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Fixture Name: (*)
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Fixture Mode:
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Manual Upload:
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Please upload the User Manual for the fixture you need the template for.
Web address for User Manual
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If the manual is too large to upload then please provide us a link to where we can get the manual from. eg. www.amcewidgets/yoke/fantasticFixture.htm
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Enter any specific details here.

Enter your Clarity Product Key in the space below.
The Product Key can be found in the About Box under Clarity's "Show" drop down menu.
Note that your dongle needs to be plugged into the computer and operational before you look for the Product Key.
Product Key (*)
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Enter the Clarity Product key here. You can find this on the bottom of the about box.

If you have an urgent fixture request, please use the area below to state your reasons why it is needed earlier.

We will attempt to accommodate your request.
Special Request:
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Contact Details

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