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Monday, 04 February 2019 00:00

A new version of software for the Mantra Lite console has been released.


This is a major update to v2.01 and introduces many new features and a few bug fixes.

The main changes are as follows:

New Features:

  1. Multi-patchIt is now possible to patch multiple (identical) fixtures to a yellow fader.
  2. New Operating System. The underlying operating system has been updated. This results in faster boot times, improved show load/save and easier to read fonts and graphics.
  3. Updated firmware for the hardware interface. Reduces jitter on faders and provides smoother fader control. Flash button response is considerably faster.
  4. Simpler control of Compound Fixtures. RGB colours of multi-cell fixtures are now controlled from the colour picker. If other colours are selected (e.g. Amber) these are reset to zero when the colour picker is used. If each cell has different colours, they will all change to the same colour. Undo can fix any accidental changes. Individual control of cell colours is available from the [Sliders] button in the colour picker app.
  5. Default Fade Time. A new slider in Tools\Setup allows setting of a custom default fade time.
  6. Non-Latin character support. We now support non-Latin character sets for the onboard Help menus (eg. Chinese & Japanese).
  7. Search function in Patch Window. It is now possible to search the fixture database when trying to find the correct fixture to patch.
  8. Faster fixture library update. The fixture library now updates in less than 2 seconds, far better than the original 2+ minutes.
  9. More Intuitive Colour fader control. All colour faders (colour wheels, Cold White, Warm White, etc) are now located in the sliders window of the colour picker app.
  10. Added a cursor to text edit windows for easier editing.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Removal of false error messages at boot up. Previous versions of software had 4 lines of text that appeared during boot-up reporting
    "missing device node for....".
    These were harmless, but could cause concern for users. They no longer appear, and the console now boots straight into the splash screen.
  2. Rig view did not always resize correctly when loading a show.
  3. Rig View arrangement now saves in Default Show.
  4. Improved the auto show save for more reliable operation with large shows.
  5. Firmware updates would fail if the filename had extra characters - eg. mantra_v2.00(1).img
  6. Improved SD card handling to prevent possible data corruption.
  7. Fade times greater than 66 seconds were truncated to 1 second.
  8. sACN and Art-Net output did work correctly if the IP address was changed whilst they were active.
  9. Duplicate cue copied the Live output, not the selected cue in the cuelist edit window.
  10. Custom fixtures would sometimes disappear from the Patch window.

Click here to download the new software.
N.B. The console must be power cycled after installing this update.
Please see instructions on the download page.

 A USB stick is required to install this software.


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