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Friday, 04 November 2016 00:00

A new version of software for the Mantra Lite console has been released.

The main changes are as follows:

New Features:

  1. The Software Upgrade process now updates the firmware in the surface and wings.
  2. Dutch Help file is now available.
  3. Fader selection of fixtures is now disabled in the Patch window, to allow testing of fixtures that have been patched without re-selecting them.
  4. Additional parameters (e.g. Gobo, Zoom, Focus) have been added to the list in the Fixture to make fixture creation faster.
  5. The Warning message that appears when recording Animations if the Red playback is down, no longer stops the animation being recorded. The animation is now recorded and the
    warning message explains to the user to push up the red fader before recording the animation if they want the animation to remain live on stage.
  6. The Fixture Editor can create fixtures of up to 48 DMX channels with or without Wings connected. There are now [-1] & [+1] buttons to increment/decrement the selected DMX slot
    to add the parameter to, as well the old method of moving a fader.
  7. When importing a show, it is checked to ensure it is a valid show file, and the user is warned if there is an issue, then given a choice whether to continue loading it or not.
  8. The Export function confirmation button is now labelled Export instead of Save, to avoid confusion.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The DMX output did not work in v1.23 - Yes we are very embarrassed by this and that it slipped through the testing.
  2. It was possible that when loading a show, the auto-saved version (created when the console is powered off) was loaded instead of the most recently saved version of the show file.
  3. The Fixture Editor did not set the Home values correctly for faders that were located on the
  4. The Animation sliders did not update the speed and crossfade until released. They now update in real-time.
  5. The Record overwrite (Press and Hold) changed the stage output on release.
  6. Plugging in a 2nd wing occasionally failed to connect on start-up.
  7. If a Flash button on a Wing was pressed whilst the wing was disconnected the button remained ‘jammed on’ in software.
  8. Icons in the Rig View flashed erratically when the Wing was disconnected. The icons now flash at a steady rate for 5 seconds, to warn that the wing has been removed.
  9. Record Overwrite (holding down the flash button for 1 second) did not work on Wing playbacks.
  10. The Export Show button exported the last saved copy of the current show, meaning that any recent changes made since the Save button was last pressed would be lost. The Export
    function now asks the user to save the show before the Export is allowed.
  11. The DMX engine has been tweaked to provide smoother DMX fading for the majority of fixtures.
  12. When creating more than one Shape, it was possible that the selection buttons would stop working correctly.
  13. The ‘Save Default Show’ button remained active after a show was saved. Now you must delete the existing default show before you can save a new default show.
  14. The [Save Default Show] button remains active after saving a default show.
  15. The Shapes control remained active on the last created shape, rather than moving to the New item.
  16. It was possible to get a situation where the Mantra would not save any shows until power cycled (v1.22 only).

Known Issues:

  1. If a cue inside a chase contains an Animation, and the previous or next cue has the same light at 100%, then the light will momentarily flash to full at the start/end of the fade.
  2. Issues may be experienced with USB keyboards where the keyboard loses focus when the Caps Lock on the USB keyboard is tapped.
  3. Cues with zero intensity do not play back correctly, making Move-In-Black impossible.
  4. Some language buttons are greyed out – these languages will be added soon.

Click here to download the new software.



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